SINCE 1975

We Are...

Committed to the promotion of the cultural heritage of Sierra Leone; and to the service of humanity without boundaries.

Passionate about what we do every day. Our passion for promoting culture and serving humanity has kept us in focus.

Accountable to ourselves and those we serve. We believe that we hold a public trust to serve humanity and improve lives. It is our responsibility to fulfill that mission and provide services in the interest of our members and those that we serve.

Democratic in our governance system. We believe that our organization's officials must be elected by members, who are in turn accountable to the members. That has kept us transparent, forthright, and productive for over 45 years.

Respectful. We value the culture of respect for all. Respect for others is part of our core values. We practice the culture of respect  to those we help and serve.









Meet our Leaders

Ms. Elizabeth Saidu-Momoh

Chairlady of the Tegloma Federation Administration

The Chairman/Chairlady of the Tegloma Federation Administration is the head of the day-to-day running of the organization. She works with 10 other federation executive members to run the affairs of the organization. The Chairman/Chairlady and all other executive members are elected to their positions for a two-year term.

Mr. Thomas N. Senessie

Chairman, Tegloma Federation Advisory Board

The Chairman of the Tegloma Federation Advisory Board is the highest authority in the organization.He is the custodian of the organization's assets; and he sanctions the operations of the organization. He also advises the federation executive on their functions. The Advisory Board interprets the organization's constitution whenever such interpretation is necessary.

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